I'm Gilles, a web developer


They don't make bugs like
bunny anymore.

Olav Mjelde



Every project requires a specific approach. Following the customer’s wishes, I aim to apply the most appropriate methods/solutions in order to ensure optimum user-friendliness and achieve the desired objectives.

  • Frontend & backend
  • CMS
  • Responsive websites
  • Mobile development


Any professional will tell you that good work is possible only if you use the proper/best hardware. This also applies to developers. I like assembling my own hardware in order to optimise my workflow, and I can also do the necessary repairs.

  • Screen repair (iPhone/iPad)
  • Tailor-made PC assembly
  • Battery replacement (iPhone)
  • Internal maintenance (e.g. dust removal)
  • PC/Mac boosting


html 5 css 3 sass foundation laravel twitter bootstrap mysql jquery less cakephp

The only sure way to make a computer go faster is to throw it out the window.

~ Anonymous ~

The question of whether computers can think is like the question of whether submarines can swim.

~ Edsger W. Dijkstra ~


A rapidly evolving sector requires constant further training. It goes without saying that one should always keep on top of the latest trends and the accompanying new technologies. However, I also think it is crucial to make ample room for change and leisure, since this enables me to take a fresh look at things at all times. I draw new energy mainly from a game of snooker or pool, a pleasant evening among friends, or a gaming session.



I am Gilles Vanpeteghem (°1990), born and raised in Ghent (B). Ever since my youth I have been extremely interested in anything having to do with computers. Initially, I focused on gaming and hardware. Later on, I came to like programming and I decided to turn this into my profession.

I obtained my Bachelor in Graphic and Digital Media in 2014, having specialised in Multimedia Production ProDEV.

Does my profile interest you, would you like to see my portfolio, or are you a fervent pool and/or snooker lover, just like me? Don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail or via one of the channels below.